Pabji game monster zombies vs Unknown players

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Pabji game is one of the fastest growing game with lost of fun while playting the game , it  dosent matter that weather you are playing this pabji mobilegame on pc or mobile device the level of fun will be always at peak while hunting enemies witn sniper gun or with ak47 , whatever screensize you are on with while having match its really fun game . Pabji pc verion is really nice to have if you have hight end pc with at least 2GB graphcis card.

Dynamo Fan Club vs Zombies

Pabji game Pc Rquirements(Pabji minimum system requirements)

  • OS: 64-bit Windows 7Windows 8.1Windows 10.
  • ProcessorIntel Core i5-4430 / AMD FX-6300.
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM.
  • GraphicsNVIDIAGeForce GTX 960 2GB / AMD Radeon R7 370 2GB.
  • DirectX: Version 11.
  • NetworkBroadband Internet connection.
  • Storage: 30 GB available space.
  • Internet connect : you should have good internet connection if you want to play PUBG PC version , try to have wired connection instead of wireless connection.

PABJI Game Silent Features 

Pabji MObile PC Emulator gameplay

1. Official Pabji game  on Mobile 

100 players parachute onto a remote 8×8 km island for a champ takes-all confrontation. Players need to find and search their very own weapons, vehicles and supplies, and annihilation each player in a graphically and strategically rich battleground that powers players into a contracting play zone. Prepare to land, plunder, and take the necessary steps to endure and be the last man standing! 

2. Top notch Graphics and HD Audio 

The ground-breaking Unreal Engine 4 makes a stunning visual involvement with rich detail, sensible ongoing interaction impacts and a gigantic HD map for Battle Royale. Sense that you’re in the thick of the activity as you play with amazing sound, vivid 3D audio cues and 7.1 channel encompass sound. 

3. Practical Weapons 

An always developing deadly arms stockpile of guns, scuffle weapons, and throwables with sensible ballistics and travel directions gives you the alternative to shoot, beat down, or burn your foes. Gracious, and you like the skillet? We have the skillet. 

4. Travel in Style 

Lay hold of an assortment of vehicles including autos, trucks, bikes, and water crafts to chase down your foes, race them to the play zone or make a quick departure. 

5. Collaborate with Friends 

Endure the fight with your companions. Welcome and collaborate with your companions, organize your fight plan through voice visit and set up the ideal snare. 

6. Reasonable Gaming Environment 

Incredible enemy of cheat systems guarantee a fun and reasonable condition for all Pabji MOBILE players.

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Gun shoot Fire

Pabji game gameplay

its super nice game where we first wait for some specific time lets say 10 to 30 seconds until 1oo unknown players count completed , in pabji game next phase is jumping from army plane and landing on our favourite location with our 2 to 3 squard members.

its really important to have voice chat in live game to communicate with your team members , you can guide your team members , you can exchange weapons , tell about enemy locations , share vehicles , and lot of lovely stuff you can do, after jumping from plane and landing you picked location , you need to pick up some good guns , like long range sniper VSS gun , KAR98 , Shotgun or something like that , you need to fun helmet , jacket to reduce damage effects, you need to find medkits , painkiller , energy drinks and like that , level 3 backpack to filll all stuff , and bullets.

After get equipped with all such stuff you need to fight with enemies , go fo headshots , in pabji game , which is available in pc and mobile version too , you need to work like a team support each other , find enemies and kill them one by one , there are alot of tips and tricks you improve your game , you can search on google like pabji game tips and tricks , follow those guides and improve your game play.

Blue Restriction Zone

pabji game publishers introduced a restricting zone which enforce all the player to come closer to each other after a certain amount of time , this is really important to keep yourself in safe zone to avoid any damage from that blue restriction zone. so its really important to keep moving towards safe zone while enjoying the game.

Pabji Game Modes

You can play pabji game in different modes like classic mode , arcade mode , event mode and like that , you know what my favourite pabji game mode is zombie mode where we need to kill zombies and enemies at the same Time , in pabji zombie mode there is day night cycle , when it get dark zombies come out from different holes and attack you , zombies bosses also there like Tyrant boss , which also come from sky , the zombie house is there Know As


in pabji game zombie mode RPD castle is a location where we can meet and fight with zombies boss , its most dangerous place in zombie mode , alot of zombies there protecting the boss but people love to go there kill boss and get grass dress to keep there self match with grassy lands easily.

Best Guns in Pubg Mobile game

I am playing pubg mobile game from last 40 days and almost tried many guns including

Kar98 , AKM , M416 , Garoza , VSS ,Scar , Pistol , shotgun , UMP , UZI

each of the above guns have its own pros and cons sometime its best to use shotgun specially when you are playing pubg even mode ( zombie mode) shotgun is best in hunting zombie in 1 single shot , we mostly look for scope in pubg game , 2x , 4x scope , 6x and 8x , ump dont support 6x and 8x while kar98 support all and best suitable gun for sniper lovers 1 shot of kar98 knockout enemies very easily , and when you have to face multiple enemies near around you then its suitable to pick Garoza , The ย Grozaย is an assault rifle type weapon in Pubg BATTLEGROUNDS. It can be found in Air Drops not in land drops is my best guns will be Garoz , kar98 , UMP and shotgun may be your priority will be different according to your own demands.

GROZA Assault Rifle Stats

Power:40 / 100
Recoil:32 / 100
Range:60 / 100
Firing Speed:72 / 100
Weapon Class:Assault Rifle
Magazine Size:30
Ammo Type:7.62mm

How to Win Chicken Dinner In Pubg

The ultimate goal of pubg battleground game is winning chicken dinner as last stand in solo , duo or squad mode , and how to win chicken dinner in pabji game its necessary to follow some tips and tricks of battle , sniping , landing an loot will go one by from pubg tips and trick to improve your gameplay so that you can win chicken dinner.

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